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“After an amazing Sunday stealing a 51-1 long shot complete credit being given to the algorithms Monday means back to reality and back to work. However, I did find time to place a few bets at Saratoga today. I got home late and decided to check my results along with expected winnings only to be shocked to see NOT A SINGLE WIN! Just when I figured the streak was done at 4 winning days. I saw 3 minutes to post for race 9 at Mountaineer. So, I pulled up the algorithms for that race and really liked the 9 horse along with 8 and 10. This race however had a tough looking 3-5 favorite. So, I play a 5/9/all trifecta and what were those results….. 5 (3-5) wins, 9 (7-1) second, 8 (55-1) third, 10 was fourth. The trifecta paid $365 and THE STREAK CONTINUES! Subscribing to Winnermetrics Algorithms = best $119 investment I’ve ever made. BELIEVE IN THE ALGORITHMS!”
The Streak,

“I was very pleased with racing on Tuesday. I Have been working on a $40 original bankroll. I hit 10-1 in race 8 at Finger Lakes, had good IMP and LS and like I have noticed those price horses are going wire to wire , or else out of money. I hit a $36 horse and a $32 exacta for a $1 bet.

Thank you WinnerMetrics”

“I agree, Haskell Day @ Monmouth Park was very exciting. I have had such a good week using the Algorithms that I decided to take the day off and join the excitement @ Monmouth Park. I’ve been somewhat selective in races that I’ve made actual bets on but I enjoyed the new IMP and LS columns. The tote boards were lighting nice and bright all day. LOVING THE ALGORITHMS!”/testimonial]